Getting to Cubertou

N.B. PARIS OLYMPICS 26th July to 11th August

The Olympics are in Paris from 26th July to 11th August and therefore coming by train via Paris is best avoided between those dates…
Instead I’d recommend trains from UK to Lille then direct to Bordeaux, then on to Monsempron Libos (our local station) via Agen.
Or flying to Bordeaux or Toulouse then train to Monempron Libos.
Or flying to Bergerac and hiring a car or getting taxi (we help organise taxis).
Of course there are other permutations, but I would avoid transfers across Paris.. at least for the outward journey.

Our favourite trips from London are via the overnight ferry to St Malo, then a drive down to Cubertou via Bergerac. Also comfortable is flight direct to Bergerac and then a hire car from there to Cubertou (1hr drive).  If coming by train your destination will be Monsempron Libos, which is 15 mins drive from Cubertou. There is no car hire from ML and no Taxi rank,  you would need to arrange a Taxi in advance.

It’s best to do an internet search with ‘cheap flights to Bordeaux’ or ‘cheap trains to Monsempron Libos’ and you’ll get lots of options.  Seat 61 , Rail EuropeEurostar, Captain Train and The Bahn are sites for train travel that have been recommended.

Two Together rail card is useful if you book your travel early and are travelling with another.

RyanairJet2EasyJetFlybe and British Airways offer flights to Bergerac, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Carcassonne.

For both train and air travel there are early booking discounts and occasionally late booking discounts, but in general it is advisable to book early. We also recommend taking out travel insurance in the event of you having to cancel your trip.

Please check out the various Travel Options below in order to find the best value travel for you. Please also check for restrictions, for example how much you might need to pay to keep larger instruments in the cabin/luggage rack, BEFORE you book your flight or train.

Travel Options include:

  • Train to Agen – train to Monsempron Libos
  • Flight to Toulouse – shuttle to station – train to Agen – train to Monsempron Libos
  • Flight to Bordeaux – shuttle to station – train to Agen – train to Monsempron Libos
  • Flight to Carcassonne – shuttle to station – train to Agen – train to Monsempron Libos
  • Flight to Bergerac –  car hire from airport – 1hr drive to Cubertou
  • Flight to Paris – train to Agen – train to Monsempron Libos
  • Train to Cahors – bus to Monsempron Libos
  • Car hire from airports
  • Driving to Cubertou

Travelling by Air

If flying to ToulouseBordeaux or Carcassonne you can take a shuttle bus (Navette) to the station and then a train to Monsempron Libos, via Agen. Please be aware that airport websites can be optimistic with regard to shuttle times between airports and stations… we recommend you double any timings suggested by the airports.

If flying to Bergerac, public transport towards Cubertou is extremely limited but it is possible to hire a car from Bergerac which is 1 hr drive from Cubertou.

Travelling by Car

If coming from the UK the shortest drive is to take a ferry to St Malo then drive towards Bordeaux and head east towards Cubertou via Bergerac. If taking a ferry to Calais the drive is longer, head south along the A21 then west towards Cubertou via Gourdon.

The address is ‘Cubertou’, 46700 St Martin Le Redon, France. Cubertou is NOT in the village but on the other side of the D673. The track to Cubertou is opposite a house with a white boundary fence, north east of the two roads into St Martin Le Redon.

Car Hire

Car hire is available at ToulouseBordeauxBergerac and Carcassonne airports.

The nearest car hire to Cubertou is ten minutes drive away, at Leclerc Montayral