Terms & Conditions

These Ts&Cs apply to Cubertou Arts et Musique (CAEM) Courses only.

Please read the following carefully; by placing a booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions

1 Booking

1.1 A  non-refundable booking charge of 25% of the Course Price is payable on confirmation that a booking has been accepted. On receipt of the booking charge you shall be sent a confirmation invoice and statement; this constitutes formal acceptance of your booking.
1.1.1 Payment of the booking charge must be received within 14 days of CAEM issuing an invoice. If payment is not received by the due date CAEM cannot guarantee your place on the course.

1.2 The balance of the Course Price is due no later than 6 weeks before the start of the Holiday Course. If payment is not received by the due date, CAEM reserves the right to give you notice that the booking is cancelled.
1.4 Bookings made within six weeks of the start of the Holiday Course require full payment on confirmation that the booking has been accepted.

2 Cancellations

2.1 If you cancel a booking:

2.1.1 The 25% of Course Price booking charge shall NOT be reimbursed.
2.1.2 Reimbursement of any value of the remaining 75% of the Course Price that has been paid to CAEM shall be at the discretion of CAEM.

N.B. It is strongly recommended that you arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy – including cancellation cover – and have full cover for personal belongings,  since these are not covered by the CAEM insurance.

2.2 If Cubertou Arts et Musique Cancels a booking

2.2.1 If the cancellation is with respect to the 75% balance of the Course Price not being paid within the required time then the same terms shall apply as if you had cancelled the booking. Therefore all clauses in section 2.1 would apply.
2.2.2 In the unlikely event of CAEM cancelling a booking, other than clause 2.2.1, then all payments that have been made with respect to the Holiday Course shall be reimbursed.
2.2.3 Under no circumstances shall CAEM’s liability exceed the amount paid to them for the Holiday Course.

3 Cubertou Arts et Musique

  1. Accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of instruments or personal belongings.
  2. Reserves the right to substitute tutors as originally advertised but will, when possible advise you of any such change(s). If we are unable to replace an indisposed tutor and as a result the course cannot take place, we will refund any monies paid.
  3. Reserves the right to cancel any course without giving reasons. In this event we strive to give maximum notice and will refund all monies paid to CAEM in full.
  4. Reserves the right to vary the course programme without notice and to refuse any application for a course without giving reasons.
  5. Shall not divulge the status of course bookings at any point, nor details of others who have booked onto a course.
  6. Will not normally accept unaccompanied children under the age of sixteen on any course. Charges for accommodation and meals apply to all accompanying carers.
  7. Takes no responsibility for errors in any publicly distributed materials.
  8. Takes no responsibility for the quality of services or products offered by advertisers and on-site vendors.
  9. Is not responsible for items reported lost which cannot be found. A charge, to cover Post & Package, is made for lost property returned to you after your departure. Items can be held for a maximum of 1 month unless agreed in advance.

4.  Use of images in publicity material

We may take photographs that include clients during their stay which we use in our publicity materials. If you would prefer your image not to appear in such materials please let us know.  Otherwise acceptance of a place on a course implies consent for your image to appear in our publicity materials.