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Address: ‘Cubertou’ 700 Chemin de Cubertou, 46700 St Martin le Redon

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FAQs for Summer Courses

  1. We have music stands
  2. We have a library of chamber music, please check with us before lugging heavy parts!
  3. Sorry, we cannot accept dogs or other pets
  4. wifi is available
  5. Bedding and towels are provided for guests taking rooms or Cubertou Bell Tents
  6. Guests bringing their own tent or van are expected to provide all their own bedding and towels.
  7. Repertoire can only be confirmed when we know who is coming… some courses might be fully booked months in advance, others just a week or so. We’ll let you know when repertoire is confirmed and send you music if possible.
  8. As in the Ts&Cs, we don’t divulge details of other players or instruments.
  9. We cannot accommodate requests to play or not play with specific others in scheduled sessions.
  10. Grade 8 level is approximately: able to sightread all notes correctly in a Mozart Symphony. Able to play all scales and arpeggios by heart.
  11. Diploma level. There are various diploma levels, level 1 is what is acceptable at Cubertou on Advanced Wind Chamber Music. It is higher than grade 8! It is equivalent to the standard expected of someone successfully auditioning for a place at Music Conservatoire.

See Cubertou Terms & Conditions