Summer Courses at Cubertou – 2022

Wind Chamber Music Courses

Elementary and Intermediate – Thursday 4th to Thursday 11th August
(grade 3 to grade 8)

Advanced – Sunday 14th to Sunday 21st August
(post grade 8/diploma level+)

These well established courses are for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn players who would like an enjoyable and rewarding week improving instrumental and chamber music skills, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Both courses are tutored by Liz Drew (clarinet), Miles Hewitt (horn) and Liz Cutts (flute). All three are keen to help you have fun extending your playing capabilities with a broad range of workshops and repertoire.

Playing will be mostly in small groups; workshops and exercises will usually include all participants. There is a maximum of 16 players per course.

There will be an informal concert by participants at the end of the course.

PRICES (7 nights)

Course Participant: [includes tuition, meals and wine with supper]
1030€ – Single Room
825€ – Shared Twin Room
825€ – Cubertou Bell Tent (sole occupant)
625€ – Bring your own Tent

Non Participant companion: [includes meals and wine with supper]
625€ – Shared Twin Room

If you are interested in attending either course please email us…

More details
Participants should aim to arrive around 18:00 on the first day and depart around 10:00 on the last day. There is some information about travel options on our Getting To Cubertou page

Daily Schedule

There are three, one and a half hour, tutored sessions each full day and an informal concert to a small invited audience on the last evening. There are two tutored sessions before lunch and one between afternoon tea and supper. Participants can organise their own ensemble playing in the afternoon and early evening; we have an extensive music library available.  There is also informal music making after supper on most evenings.

If you prefer a break in the afternoon then we’ve woods and meadows to explore and a lovely pool to relax in or by.  For those with cars, there are numerous castles and 13th Century villages in the area.

We start each day with Warm-Ups; getting the foundations of posture and breathing in the right place for the day . We then continue with Workshops, these might also include exercises on tricky rhythms, tone production, how to practice efficiently, chamber music skills, listening .. and much more!

Workshops will take up part, or all, of the first daily session. For the other two sessions participants will be in small groups for repertoire playing. For the Elementary/Intermediate course we shall work on various repertoire possibilities during the first couple of days, before settling on those that are enjoyed best by the players. For the Advanced course we aim to stick to the planned repertoire.

Informal after supper playing is usually based around folk music; klezmer, tango, jigs and reels, French musettes. This offers good sight-reading practice in an extremely relaxed atmosphere… also often a chance to dance!

Please get in touch if you have questions.

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Cubertou Arts et Musique 2022

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