How We Use Your Personal Data

We hold a database with the minimum amount of personal information in order to:

  • manage bookings and invoices
  • support your journey to Cubertou
  • ensure your comfort and wellbeing at Cubertou
  • maintain a Mailing List for promotion of courses

We do not hold sensitive personal data (such as date of birth, bank details, religion etc.)

We do not share your details with other service providers

Mailing List

If you ask to be put on our mailing list for course information then we will hold your:

  • full name
  • email address
  • instrument/voice
  • standard and aspirations for the course (as described by you)

This will enable us to inform you of courses that may be of interest.

As from 25th May 2018 (and in accordance with new GDPR requirements) we shall not hold your details on our Mailing List unless you have requested that we do so.

Course Application Form

Below are the details we request when you apply for a course, along with an explanation of how we use this information.

  • Full Name  … So we can identify you and invoice you
  • Email Address … So we can communicate about courses and invoice you
  • Aims and Experience … So we can ensure you are on the right course for your needs and also try to meet any specific requests
  • Address … In case we have any difficulties communicating via email alone and for returning lost property
  • Mobile Phone … So that we can be in touch with you, if necessary, while you are traveling to or from Cubertou
  • Name of person sharing a room with (for Twin Room applicants only) … So we put the right people in the right rooms
  • Diet … So we can cater for you
  • Relevant Health Issues … So that during your stay at Cubertou we can watch out for any problems you might have and pass details on to medical professionals if appropriate

Reviewing Your Personal Data

If you would like to know what personal data we hold on you then you can email us and we shall return you a screen shot of your details within one month of your request.

Deleting Your Personal Data

If you would like us to remove your personal details from our database then please email us and we shall delete your record within one month of your request.